Wedding videos don’t get much better than this! Gorgeous couple, golden light and a beautiful venue!

Melissa & Nathan are such a lovely couple and I think it transpires in the trailer. They don’t only look incredible together, they complement each other’s personalities perfectly.

I had a lot of fun filming alongside my good friend and photographer Andy Davison at the beautiful Elms Barn Weddings in Norfolk. We got lucky with the weather and took full advantage of a beautiful golden sunset.

Kirstie Barton-grimley, you did an incredible job stepping in for Love Moi Makeup (Congrats on the baby!) Melissa looked flawless all day.

Here’s what Melissa & Nathan had to say:

Why did you want to capture your wedding on film?

Everyone had said to us that we needed to take in every moment of our day as it would pass in a flash, and as amazing as it is to look back at photos, it’s not quite the same as seeing yourselves enjoying those moments. Therefore, for us it was a no brainer that we wanted a videographer to capture the real-life moments of our day that you can’t get from a photo.

Why did you pick Browns Films to film your wedding?

Apart from the fact, Tom had done such an amazing job capturing my sister’s wedding the year before, we chose Browns Films as his trailers demonstrated that the focus behind his videos was not just to capture someone’s wedding, but the bride and groom’s personalities too. It was really important that this would come through in our video. Also, I think Tom would agree that we are not the most comfortable couple in front of a camera, but after meeting Tom we were both completely at ease and it didn’t take long for us to realise that Tom would feel more like a guest at our wedding rather than just the videographer.

Tell me a little about yourselves, what’s important to you both? Etc

Melissa – I am definitely the ‘less relaxed’ out of us both and take full responsibility for wearing the trousers in our relationship (Nathan would disagree). I am proudly independent and extremely driven, but what matters to me most is my family and friends, which includes our four leggedbaby, Ralph!  

Nathan – Is about as laid back as it comes and is always the one (trying) to crack the jokes. If he is not kicking a football he is talking about football, or/and with football on tv in the background! Truly what matters most to Nathan is his family, and he goes beyond what any normal person would help another person out. He is a bit of a softie at heart. 

The proposal, tell me everything (Including all the gushy bits!)

Nathan had told me that his parents had organised a family meal at Park Hill on 23 April 2016. Not out of character for our families – we do like dressing up and eating good food.

We were supposed to be getting a lift with Nathan’s parents so that we could have a drink, however 5 minutes before we were due to leave we got a call to say that they were running late and that we were going to need to make our own way there to save the table. Slightly miffed at the thought one of us was now going to have to be designated driver, we drove to Park Farm near Norwich…

Little did I know that Nathan’s family had been there for the last few hours decorating a private room that he had hired with god knows how many flowers and candles (and that we had actually passed them on route but Nathan had managed to successfully distract me!!), and that it was only ever going to be us two for dinner.

So when the waiter led us in to the room I was just blown away/shocked by how beautiful it was, and before I could say anything Nathan was down on one knee asking me to marry him… not sure he thought the next bit though as I was expected to eat a three course meal after that but I managed it! Just as things were starting to sink in, I asked Nathan if he would mind if I called my mum… and just as I said that all of our family burst into the room with champagne to join in the celebrations. This was such an amazing touch for me as Nathan knows just how important our families are to me.

To make things better, Nathan had booked the honeymoon suite for the night and we both had a spa day the next day!
All in all… boy did good!

Then venue/s? … Why this place above anywhere else?

Ceremony – We got married at St Margaret’s church in Hopton. This is a very special church for me (Melissa) as, not only is it located in the village that I grew up in, but my dad is there. Therefore for me it had to be this church to be as close to him as possible.

Reception – When we first got engaged, so many people told us that we were find it difficult to choose our venue… well I had seen pictures of previous weddings at Elm’s Barn and heard so many good things that we were already sold before we had even visited! When we did look around we were completely blown away by how beautiful it was, from the gardens, marque to the barn. It just felt right! Another plus was that there is accommodation for just under 40 people, which meant we could ‘drag out’ our wedding as much as possible and make the most of it. We certainly chose the best venue for us.

What experience did you want to give your guests?

Besides the actual ending up husband and wife element of the day, the most important thing for us is that we shared our day with our closest family and friends and that they could be involved in the happiness of our day. We wanted to make sure there always something to keep people entertained and never a ‘stand still’ moment. We also wanted to keep things relatively light hearted and natural, and I really think this came through on our day. When it came to the evening… we wanted to make it was a real celebration. We booked Bill Downs to do the music and he was absolutely amazing. The dance floor was packed, everyone was having an amazing time, and it was the perfect way to end our perfect day.


Bill Downs did his usual and got the party/rave going! 😂 This guy isn’t just a solo acoustic singer. He well and truly gets the party going and is a great addition to any wedding reception!

Melissa’s dress was summed up perfectly by her mum “Wow” – Prima Donna Bridal

Love a good Photobooth and would highly recommend! Capture Lounge – Luxury Photobooth

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