Given the current situation surrounding the wedding industry and Coronavirus, I think it is fair to say that remaining positive at this point is a tad tricky, but stay with me on this one…

There is no getting away from it, the next few weeks, maybe months are going to be tough for everyone, some more than others. But, perhaps you can take this as an opportunity to really be able to sit down as a couple (no sport & pubs closed) and talk through your wedding day wish list.

One area I’m often asked about is how to ensure the dance floor bounces and that you give your wedding guests a party to remember. Now I’m not a wedding planner but there will be certain things you can do to make your wedding reception eventful for all the right reasons.

Having filmed a few hundred weddings over the years, I’ve been on some pretty epic dance floors, so here are my top tips:

  1. The first set. Don’t expect the party to go down straight away. People need a little time too warm and often a little ‘dutch courage’ is required to entice the shy into the spotlight!
  2. Choose a Singerband / DJ that you know will get the party going. There are some amazing bands and performers out there so really spend some time researching! Another great tip is atmosphere. Don’t expect a crazy party to happen if your relying on your brothers mate Dave who is a DJ and rocks up with a picnic table and disco ball. You need a proper sound and lighting setup to really make things bounce!
  3. If you want a party, STAY ON THE DANCE FLOOR! I can’t stress this enough. The moment you leave to drink with your evening guests, the flow is lost.
  4. Don’t start the party too early, but equally, don’t leave it too late. I’d say between 8 and 9pm is ideal for the first set.
  5. Craig David is your friend. Sometimes It doesn’t matter who the band is, some people have simple tastes and I’ve seen some of the best dance floors go off to some naughties bangers! (Tragic I know).
  6. Now this might scare the shit out of some of you, but having a little spectacle to entertain your guests isn’t a bad thing. After all, it’s your wedding day and therefore you can do what you like. I’ve seen professional dancers perform, husband wife dance-offs, and my favourite to date – ‘The Haka’ followed by a groom solo including a moon walk! Respect!
  7. Let the drinks flow freely. If your guests have to queue then they’re not on the dance floor. Make it so they can get access to drinks as freely as possible. For example, it might be worth paying a little extra to put more staff behind the bar.
  8. Food. This is REALLY important. DON’T feed your guests during a band set. WAIT until the gap in-between sets and where possible, have catering staff walk around with trays of food rather than making people queue. It really helps to keep people on and around the dance floor.
  9. Break tradition. If you have your own ideas for the first dance it’s ok to be different.
  10. Enjoy yourselves and smile, I’ll be filming 🙂

Once this is all over, I suspect the post lockdown wedding parties will be something else. Might be an idea to ensure you have a good wedding videographer on hand to capture those moments you might not remember so clearly.