What a wedding! This wedding had so much character! From the black-tie dress code to the Mauritian food truck and a whole bunch of unique and interesting characters! Loved it! I film such a variety of weddings all over the world and to see a couple embrace their heritage makes for an amazing spectacle.

Why did you want to capture your wedding on video?
To create a memory, to be able to watch our Wedding Day again and again and share with family and friends

Why did you choose Browns Films?
We just loved your amazing work and you are the best out there (and award winner LOL)

Tell me a little about you… What do you do? How do you spend your days? What’s important in life?
Steph is a business owner and spends his day on the laptop and the phone and I look after him and our 3 beautiful kids (Sofia, Nate & Olivia) but we do all this and focus on family and happiness! It’s always about family! (and friends!)

The proposal, tell me everything…
Steph took me to a little French restaurant in Lavenham. Was supposed to be a late anniversary dinner but he then surprised me with staying in our of their lovely rooms where he had put rose petals all over the floor and the bed (I thought wow this hotel is very romantic and look after their guests well lol) he then went on one knee and proposed! Being shocked was an understatement lol After possibly swearing, I said yes lol Very romantic!

The Venue/s? Why this place above anywhere else?
We were initially looking for a venue in Colchester but didn’t find anything that ticked all the boxes. Not wanting to go too far we started looking in Norwich and after visiting a few we just fell in love with Kimberley Hall! It definitely suited all our needs and more, even down to loving a loud party!! (which was a must for us)
Every one of our guests was in awe of the place!

What experience do you want to give to your guests?
We want our guest to feel, through the video, all the love, happiness and fun that was our amazing day! It was the best wedding ever if I say so myself

Photographer: James Rouse Photography
MUA: Melissa Abel
Hair: Amie from Gemma Holiday
Florist: Labelle flower
Band / DJ: Tango (friend)
Caterer: Alex Chef
Dress (Shop/Designer): Abigail’s Collection, Colchester. Dress by Modecca
Venue Coordinator: Softley Events