Why did you want to capture your wedding on video?

Every couple we spoke to advised us it was the one thing they regretted was not having a video, so it was a must. You can’t possibly expect to take absolutely everything in on the day so wanted to ensure all the memories were captured. It was great watching Laura’s parents’ video back, now 30 years on, so would be wonderful to do the same in years to come.

Why did you choose Browns Films?

Laura had been watching her good friend Alex’s wedding video over and over and loved how it captured every detail. The video was so elegant and well-produced, there was no question on who we would have as our videographer!

Tell me a little about you… What do you do? How do you spend your days? What’s important in life?

Will and Laura both live and work in Norwich; Laura works in the NHS and Will at Aviva. We met back in August 2014 and after two weeks of Laura putting Will off, we finally went on a date on the 4th August 2014, and haven’t really been apart since.

Friends would describe Laura and Will has very busy people who are constantly on the go! You will rarely find Laura and Will on the sofa (unless it’s to watch Leeds United play!), we are always out at the beach, at the gym or with our families, which have to be the most important thing in life for us both. Whether that’s walking in Yorkshire with Wills family or days out with the dogs in Norfolk with Laura’s family; we both really value our family and friends.

The proposal, tell me everything…

Haha well, this was funny. Will chose to go back to one of our favourite places Holkham Beach. Though the 4th August 2017 wasn’t the sunniest of days! Laura had just had her hair done ready for an evening and night’s stay at the Hoste, Burnham Market. Will insisted they parked at The Victoria and walked to the beach and then had a drink after. Little did Laura know that her mum and two sisters were hidden in the dunes awaiting the proposal. Will literally dragged Laura across the beach at breakneck speed, before saying ‘right’ and coming to a halt and getting down on one knee. Once Laura had said ‘YES’, all Will could do was utter the words “Your mother is here somewhere” before Laura turned to the dunes to find three people jumping up and down in the air!! Once reunited Laura’s mum promptly told him he had missed the heart shape in the sand made by shells and that she had told him to go left, not right once on the beach! All in all, it was very funny and as we are such a close family no one was surprised Laura’s family had been there to witness the moment!

The Venue/s? Why this place above anywhere else?

The Cathedral means a great deal to us, it was a place Laura always went with her school for services and a place William visited a lot living just outside the parish when he moved to Norwich. The main reason it Laura’s little sister is Chorister at Norwich Cathedral, so it meant the world to have her sing throughout the service.

The Great Hospital really is a hidden gem in Norwich. We are so lucky Laura’s mum had volunteered there for a few years, taking her PAT Dog to visit many of the residents as pets aren’t allowed at the Great Hospital. When we got engaged we looked around so many venues but none of them gave us the flexibility, the ambience and character that the Great Hospital did from the start. Adam and Hetty are the most amazing team at the Great Hospital; the nicest people you will meet, who couldn’t do enough for us! We will be eternally grateful for making our wedding reception more than we ever could have dreamt of.

What experience do you want to give to your guests?

We wanted them to have fun – hence the light-up tambourines and maracas! We wanted the day to represent us, hence the Yorkshire and Norfolk theme and also ensure people really felt it was ‘us’ – not pretending to be something we’re not! We wanted to give them the WOW factor, yet the intimacy of the Cathedral Service followed an enjoyable afternoon of good food, good music and laughter!


Wedding videographer: Browns Films

Wedding Photographer: Gina Manning

MUA: Love Moi Make up 

Hair: Cutting Crew

Florist: Olive et Fleur, Corrina Killow

Band / DJ: Bill Downs

Norwich Cathedral