Hi! I’m Tom – the Founder of Browns Films. Welcome to my website and thank you for taking the time to read a little bit about me. I’m a professional wedding videographer and have filmed weddings for over 300 couples in the last 5 years. I’m a Norfolk wedding videographer in the UK but travel all over the world to film weddings and events. Travelling to new places and meeting new people for me is the most exciting element of my business. I feel extremely¬†lucky and fortunate to be responsible for capturing such incredible moments of people’s lives.


my approach / style

My approach to filming weddings is simple. Keep it simple. Whether it’s the small amount of equipment I use or my positioning during a wedding ceremony, my philosophy is to have as little of an impact on your wedding day as possible. I’m simply there to document your wedding day as it happens, have fun and create a beautifully cinematic wedding film for you to enjoy for years to come.

A lot of couples I work with love the idea of having their wedding filmed, but don’t want a wedding videographer following them around on their wedding day and I totally understand why. Very few people really enjoy being filmed, especially on a wedding day with so many other things to think about. So my approach to filming alters slightly with each couple. If you’re a fun happy and outgoing couple, I’ll channel into that energy and you’ll see a lot more interaction between yourself and the camera in your wedding video. If you’re a little nervous and conscious of my presence, I’ll take a few steps back, change lenses and give you a chance to relax and feel a little more at ease.

It’s this approach which dictates the style of the wedding films I produce. Some edits are all about the party and others are a little more about love. I don’t necessarily have a style set in concrete, so don’t feel I’m a one-trick pony! It’s your wedding day and I’m simply there to document so please get in touch to discuss your wedding in more detail.