Having filmed hundreds of weddings I’ve decided to put all that I’ve learned over the years into a simple guide to help you get the most out of your wedding video / day. Here are some great tips on how to get the best video/photo’s…

Natural Light

I can’t emphasise how important this is.

If you want the best film and photos, you need to be getting ready in a room with natural light. Turn off any of the lights, I know this sounds contradictory after the above, but spotlights, lamps etc can give off orange skin tones and flicker on film. Please ensure your make-up artist and hair stylist place you in natural light, preferably by a window with plenty of room to maneuver around you. (It will help them too).


A beautiful shot can often be ruined by a messy background. Bags, clothes, shoes, wrapping paper etc should be tucked away.

Background Sounds

Sound bites of you and your bridesmaids can’t be heard over music / TV’s being played during the preparations. It’s ok to have them on, just be mindful of the volume. I’ll always turn them off for gift exhanges / cards etc 🙂


To save me time and allow me to get back to capturing all the action, it’s really helpful if the details are unpacked and hung or placed ready to be filmed. A clutter-free, naturally well-lit location is ideal and it’s always worth remembering to find a quality hanger for wedding and bridesmaids dresses, as they’re often delivered on disposable plastic hangers.


Give yourself plenty of time to get ready. Getting into your dress an hour before you’re due to depart for the ceremony is perfect. This gives you time for any last minute emergencies, photographs and reveal to family members and touch-ups.

Homes and hotel rooms often don’t provide the best light or setting for preparations. If you can, I often recommend considering other options such as a well-lit AirBnB or holiday rental.

If there is time, right after your dress is on and you’re ready to go, I will probably take 2 minutes to grab some informal portraits, likely by a window or patio door. It’s just a few minutes of anticipation before you see your groom (or bride) and a great time to get a quick portrait.

The ceremony is the central point of any wedding day but it can also be the trickiest to film for a number of reasons. Most of the reasons are beyond the control of you or me, but the below points can help to mitigate these challenges.

Church Ceremonies

I’m extremely discrete when filming ceremonies, particularly in the church, and keep movement to a minimum.

Please inform the officiant conducting your ceremony that you’re having a videographer as there can be restrictions on videographers. Unfortunately, in some churches, filming of the ceremony is banned or limited to the rear of the church. Some Churches / Cathedrals will also require an additional fee for filming.

Outdoor Ceremonies

these are usually much easier to film as there is a lot more light, they are often less formal and there is more space to move unnoticed as the Videographer. They are also usually administered in a more relaxed manner by a Registrar or Celebrant. However, ceremonies are often conducted in the middle of the day when the sun is at its peak. This can make for incredibly harsh and unflattering light with deep shadows and hard highlights. To avoid this, if, at all possible, it’s best to set up outdoor ceremonies so that the sun is behind everyone and you are then backlit evenly.

Alternatively, getting everyone into the shade, or at least bride and groom, is a great way to combat the challenges of midday light.

If you are unsure of course, please feel free to ask for any advice about your ceremony, I’d be very happy to help out.


Before the ceremony begins, I will place a small lapel mic on the groom to record your vowels. I also place a MIC on the reading stand in churches, and where possible, on the officiant.

Couples Shoot

When the weather allows, the best light for couple portraits is during the final hour before sunset, ‘golden hour’. The light is usually soft and warm and it’s the most flattering light for capturing film of you both looking stunning.

As I try to allow the day to flow as much as possible and allow for maximum time for bride and groom to be with guests, I like to have a short couples shoot in the afternoon and to have a slightly longer 20 – 30 minute session during golden hour.

If the weather is changeable on the day, flexibility will be key to getting some good portraits and it may be that we have to use the time between showers to capture some shots long before golden hour. I simply ask for as much flexibility as possible – I’ll keep an eye on the light and the forecast on the day and make recommendations on how to make the best use of the available light on the day.

The most important thing to ensure that we get great photographs is for you to relax, be yourselves and trust me to create a film that you’ll love. I’ll take you for a relaxing stroll to the places with the best light and backdrops and help you look your absolute best.

If we are fortunate enough to head out for a couples shoot during a beautiful golden hour, it may be that we pop back out for sunset itself – I always keep an eye on the light and will suggest a quick visit to an appropriate backdrop if we get an incredible sky to end the day. These can be the best images of the day so it’s often worth the investment of a further 5 minutes.

Receiving lines

These can be very time-consuming. I understand that you would like to great your guests, but if you have over 100 guests, it can result in up to an hour of handshakes and ‘hello’s’. You will have plenty of time between courses to walk around the room and say hello to guests.

Speeches / Food timings

It’s best to have the speeches either before of after the wedding breakfast. Having a speech between courses is a logistical nightmare for the caterers as speeches often go over the allotted time and dinner can be left under heat lamps.

Band / DJ sets & Evening Food

If you’re planning on having a band, ensure the evening food is served in between sets. when food is served at the same time as a band starts playing, food always wins and you’ll end up with an empty dance floor.

Sparklers / Night time shots

Best to get these done as soon as it gets dark. Drunk guests and sparklers don’t mix well! 🙂